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CPO Election Results

The 2015 officers are:

President - Alice Kaltenmark
Vice President - Jody Davis-Curless
Treasurer - Ted Kozenko
Systems Information Coordinator - Kathy Nagy
North Program Director - Ted Noah
Central Program Directors - Team of Nancy Tiemeier and Sudhir Gadepalli
South Program Directors - David Hosier and Carolyn Wright

Please see the Contact Us page for contact information and bios for the new officers.



CPO is pleased to share with you that the BEP Institute awarded CPO with the 2014 Business Emergency Planning Professional Excellence award!

CPO is recognized for ongoing efforts to promote business continuity / disaster recovery best efforts through education, networking and conferences as well as active outreach to educate nonā€profit organizations on vital aspects of business continuity to build more resilient communities.

CPO is honored to receive this award and appreciates the recognition of the organization’s efforts to help the Ohio community to better prepare for impacting events through education and networking. 


2015 CPO Conference Change

One of the CPO Executive Council goals is to identify ways to increase the value of being a CPO member.  Whether that is through website enhancements, flexible scheduling for regional meetings, free or reduced conference costs or how CPO budgets or spends its funds.

One of the recent changes made to better serve the membership was the decision to move from having a Joint Regional Meeting and an Annual Conference to having just two Joint Regional Meetings.  We believe that this will make it easier for members and guests to attend as it will be a single day event with no anticipated member costs.

Look for information on the first Joint Regional meeting later this year or in January.



A few changes for CPO members are being made for the 2014 CPO Business Survival & Recovery Conference. You must be a member in good standing by August 18, 2014, to take advantage of these changes. If you have not renewed your membership for 2014, go here to renew your membership. If you are not sure whether your membership is up-to-date check out your profile on MyCPO or contact the CPO Information Systems Coordinator, sysInfoCoord@cpohio.org.


Check it Out!! New Job Postings!!

Looking for a job? Two open positions in our industry have been posted on MyCPO News. Check it out by logging into MyCPO!





As a professional in the business continuity, disaster recovery and/or information security arenas - or you're tasked with these responsibilities within your organization - you can surely appreciate the necessity and importance of advanced preparation and planning, as well as the benefit that accompanies education, information knowledge sharing and networking.

Celebrating our twenty-fifth or Silver year in 2011, CPO is growing stronger and becoming more valuable to individuals and organizations – get involved now!

Whether you find value in the networking, education, information-sharing, conversations and camaraderie of the monthly regional meetings, understanding peer organizations' challenges and strategies, the annual conference, website functionality only available to members, details about seminars and training or the many other benefits associated with being a member of CPO, your involvement with us will not only strengthen the organization, yet will also support your continued development.

NOTE: you do not have to be a member of CPO to participate in the monthly meetings, yet your membership is strongly encouraged to ensure our continued success and growth. Please join online. Please join online.
This site also lists the Programs Directors and contact information for each region (North, Central, and South) and the whole Executive Council on the Contact page to ensure that you are involved in any activities in your area.