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2014 Joint Regions meeting

Hold the date!! The Joint Regions Meeting will be held on Thursday, June 12, 2014 from noon to 5:00 pm. The exact location and content is still TBD. 


2014 Business Survival & Recovery Conference
September 22-23, 2014

The Conference Center at OCLC

6600 Kilgour Place | Dublin, Ohio 430174 | www.oclc.org.conferencecenter

Mark your calendar to attend the Business Survival & Recovery Conference. This year’s conference is sure to have something for everyone. Whether your focus is business continuity, disaster recovery, or crisis management, we’ll have sessions for you.  Stay tuned for more information.


Results of the Executive Council Elections for the 2014 Term

The elections took place during the month of October and were announced at the annual conference on Monday, October 28, 2014.

On behalf of the current Executive Council we would like to congratulate all the elected candidates and thank all nominees for their interest in serving CPO.

Meet your 2014 Council:

  • President: Steve Sims
  • Vice-President: Kathy Nagy
  • Treasurer: Alice Kaltenmark
  • Systems Information Coordinator: Jody Davis-Curless
  • North Program Directors: Tamara Gotham and Ted Noah
  • Central Program Directors: Jackie Christensen and Kim Gerhart
  • South Program Directors: David Hosier and Carolyn Wright
A special thank you to all of this year’s candidates.

Congratulations to the Executive Council elected for the 2014 term. We look forward to your participation in the leadership of CPO.


News from dri: dri2014

Registration is now open for DRI2014: The Professional’s Conference to be held May 18-21 in Atlanta, GA!  To register now, click here. This year’s innovative and exciting conference program includes in-depth tracks on supply chain and risk management, several panel discussions, and lots of other great sessions!  For the complete conference program, click here.

The tracks each will include a keynote address by a true subject matter expert (for the risk track, a past president of RIMS, and for supply chain, an internationally recognized thought leader!), a panel discussion, an interactive work group session, as well as opportunities for pre-conference participation and continued post-conference learning and sharing. These are opportunities for experienced professionals to really dig in!

In addition to the outstanding program, you won’t want to miss Volunteer Day, which will be held Saturday May 17, 2014. Volunteer Day will provide you with the chance to give back via one of our full-day or half-day options.  Projects will include construction, gardening, and a food bank.  Be sure to sign up early as space is limited and Volunteer Day is always filled to capacity.

Register now to take advantage of our special $1195 early bird registration rate!  So, plan and budget accordingly, and we'll see you in Atlanta at the beautiful Hyatt Regency.  


2013 CPO Joint Regions Meeting

The CPO Joint Regions Meeting was held on June 19th at DataCenter.BZ in Columbus, Ohio. Two great speakers educated attendees on pandemic planning, as well as properly using social media in the event of a business disrupting event.

Mike Staff and Samantha Eitniear, Emergency Preparedness Planners from Franklin County Public Health, spoke first with a thorough discussion on pandemic planning including the difference between endemics, epidemics, and pandemics; the composition of viruses and how they are ‘born’; transmission; new viruses to watch for; and most importantly how to prepare for and manage your organization during a wide-spread event, including how local government fits in.

The second speaker was Holly Solomon from Expand Socially, who educated us on best practices using social media during an ‘event.’ She discussed social media tools, laws, and various methods to communicate with the public, employees and customers to minimize the business impact of a planned or unplanned business disruption.


2013 CPO Membership survey

The  2013 CPO Membership Survey has ended. Thank you for participating in the survey. Your feedback is valuable and has provided us with some excellent information.

The results are being reviewed and your region program directors will soon share the results with you during an upcoming region meeting.

Thank you to Ray Mach who created the survey and organized the collection and analysis of the results.



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As a professional in the business continuity, disaster recovery and/or information security arenas - or you're tasked with these responsibilities within your organization - you can surely appreciate the necessity and importance of advanced preparation and planning, as well as the benefit that accompanies education, information knowledge sharing and networking.

Celebrating our twenty-fifth or Silver year in 2011, CPO is growing stronger and becoming more valuable to individuals and organizations – get involved now!

Whether you find value in the networking, education, information-sharing, conversations and camaraderie of the monthly regional meetings, understanding peer organizations' challenges and strategies, the annual conference, website functionality only available to members, details about seminars and training or the many other benefits associated with being a member of CPO, your involvement with us will not only strengthen the organization, yet will also support your continued development.

NOTE: you do not have to be a member of CPO to participate in the monthly meetings, yet your membership is strongly encouraged to ensure our continued success and growth. Please join online. Please join online.
This site also lists the Programs Directors and contact information for each region (North, Central, and South) and the whole Executive Council on the Contact page to ensure that you are involved in any activities in your area.